How to prepare not to fail for fat loss

‘How Success - As a role model once told me, is defined purely by yourself. ‘

To my dear 10 year old nephew success is zapping a 1000 aliens on his X-box, PSP, Wiiiiiiiii-thingy.  For Alex Ferguson it's winning titles in football every year. Whilst in the quest for being fit, success is purely defined by your own personal standards.

Since becoming a personal trainer and fitness model competitor it’s incredibly important to ensure your body is in peak condition. You can't always expect other people to understand what you are doing and the reasons why, but for me competing in fitness was ultimately based on a personal overall goal, to inspire other people and be the best that I can be.  Although not everyone aspires to step on stage and to take their fitness levels to this level, many of the same principles of goal setting, motivation, training and diet applies in other situations requiring focus, dedication and determination.

As cliche as it might sound but we need to believe before things can actually happen. Using visualisation and inspiration, having a solid diet and training plan in which you trust and start every day confident the routine will bring you one step closer to success. Knowing what you want to achieve, reasons why you want to do it and knowing what to do on a daily basisis paramount for getting the results you are looking for. 

For me, training and dieting provides a great structure as the routine takes away any concern, guess work - its simply requires action and focus on what I'm doing at that very moment. I always have the meals prepared in advance and the training is always planned out weeks in advance. As the days progress, I find it helpful to have small rewards such as massage, new pair of jeans or another treat not related to food or training.  Celebrating your achievements are incredible important to stay positive and enjoying the journey to the ultimate destination.

As both my nephew, Fergie and I can vouch, you win big by knowing you have won small. At least I think that's what my wee alien blasting pal said, although he was too busy cheering to say much at all