Winning the Face and Body of Bodypower, 2011

And so the saga continues…..

The Face and the Body of BodyPower contest May 2011

I was actually preparing for Fitness Universe in Miami but an opportunity came up last minute and I came away with the top price. As great as that sounds, what people don’t realize is that I have been making sacrifices all year round. And it came to fruition. My original plan was to network, however I followed my original advice from the January issue of Ultra Fit by looking my best. But I thought, "What the hell?" I needed the experience; especially the stage time. When the microphone was thrust in my face I had to think quickly on my feet and even though I wanted to say pass I realized I wasn’t in a game show I was in a competition and I spoke about my desire to be a role model to others.

Just to rewind a little in the movie of my life, when I was training for Miss Fitness Model UK, I was forced to adapt everything: my diet, my training, and my lifestyle. Thankfully, the second time around it becomes easier to get into shape if you can stay disciplined. As a result, this year, my typical week's training involves more CV because the muscle mass was already there, including the power walk before breakfast.

My training follows a basic split routine but I made sure I have lots of variation, especially with the angles of executing the exercises. I also had to focus on weaknesses, for example my upper abs were at war with my lower abs. Because my lower abs' foot soldiers had problems fighting the upper abs' tanks, I had to go in and negotiate a peace treaty adapting my training exercises accordingly. As a result, I now follow a solid path
for my training plan. Starting with Oasis’ Master Plan, I had to make sure my training,
diet, and lifestyle were kept in strict order. Noel would have been proud. I had to make my
training like Kings of Leon's Sex on Fire, which meant every workout was awesome
right down to the quality of every repetition and not making the error of chasing the rep.
With my diet I had to make a Madonna style Jump, recognizing I had to control the
portion sizes and include more essential fats. After all, I want every day to be a
Beautiful Day, so I made sure even though I made the sacrifices in the gym and dedicated
time in the kitchen, I still maintained proper rest and a social life because after all, I have
gone from being a champagne girl to being a cover girl.