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HansenPT is best known for impressive body transformations using tried and tested Body Sculpting techniques from the professional fitness circuit. Since winning the UK fitness Championship in 2010 and competing in various world championships, founder Linn Hansen has trained a number of A-list celebrities, affluent business executives, and stay-at-home mums wanting to regain their prenatal bodies back. 


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We belive in sculpting the body from every angle using different types of resistance ranging from body weight, cables and machine to dumbbells and heavy duty bar work. From full body programs to body -part specific workouts we transform not only your shape but also gives your cardiovascular fitness and health complete over-haul.

Our dedication is second to none and we always go the extra mile to ensure you feel satisfied with your time, effort and investment in your body.



12 weeks Body Transformation  Overall body fat levels were reduced, while bodyweight remained the same.