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Hansen Personal Training is a London based company that provides one on one personal training, solo training plans, and nutritional advise. 

We are best known for our remarkable body transformations using tried and tested Body Sculpting techniques from the professional fitness circuit. Since winning the UK fitness Championship in 2010 and competing in various world championships, founder Linn Hansen has trained a number of A-list celebrities, affluent business executives, and stay-at-home mums wanting to regain their prenatal bodies back. 

Hansen Personal Training employs a limited number of Personal Trainers working out of the Baglioni facilities and in the comfort of clients' own homes. 

Alice: “Where should I go?” 
The Cheshire Cat: “That depends on where you want to end up.”  
- Lewis Carroll ( Alice in Wonderland)

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The Hansen Method is your the roadmap for your success and it details the steps you need to take to get to where you want to be. 

One of the first steps is to establish your long term goal. We then help you to break this into smaller achievable short term goals. The plan is designed around your time frame and schedule, and your training plan is always mapped out in advanced. This means that you will never lose track of where you are and what you are supposed to do next. 

We work with a clear purpose and a principle of progressive overload that specifically sculpts muscle in all the right places, melts away any excess fat or simply transitions into maintaining what you already have achieved.

Together we will help you fine-tune exercise techniques, monitor your success, and make every session as focused, fun, and fulfilling as possible in reaching your final destination. 



Check it out. Transform by Hansen fixed a lack of derriere to a tight, firm, and lifted C-shape buttocks.  Overall body fat levels were reduced, while bodyweight remained the same. This, after just 4 weeks. That's it!