Follow the foot steps of how fitness models train, eat and behave to radically change their bodies within a short space of time.This is our most intensive, most detailed package.

  • Attain YOUR dream body in 12 weeks

  • Follow our competently integrated training and nutrition plans.

  • Your Ultimate Transformation Plan is broken into 4 different stages, each with different focus.

  • Individualised easy -to- follow nutrition programme. Take the guess work out of  meals. 

  • Individualised supplementation protocol for every phase. 

  • Regular check -ups including measurements and progress pictures

  • Learn from the fitness models best training secrets

  • Unlimited email support 

You will learn how to train and eat according to your body composition and body type, address postural issues and improve the overall symmetry of your body. You will understand and experience how different types of food affect your training, recovery and ultimately your results of your efforts.