We work with your needs, abilities and goals to design a training and nutrition program  suitable for you. You might want to tone up whilst someone else want to loose weight or simply improve their overall fitness levels. You might have an shoulder injury that needs attention, or imbalance in your knees. Someone new to exercise will need a different type of training than a regular gym goer looking to take their training to the next level. The journey will be different for everyone and I'm here to help you find yours.




Complete 12 week training and nutritional programme designed to loose fat and gain muscle. But thats not all that it does. It also helps you to improve your health, strength and functionality. This is an intensive but the most efficient solution for anyone looking to get off the fitness plateau and take their body to the next level. 

Transform by Hansen is a series of full -body and body part specific workouts focusing on shaping your body.  Cardio is added before, or in shorts spurts in between or after the main workout is complete. All workouts are based around simple, basic resistance based exercises put together in a particular sequence and split into different sets, reps, tempo and rest-pause.

The program is split into different training phases lasting for 4 weeks at the time each with a spesific layout and matching diet plan. The workouts evolves gradually over time to make sure you continue to progress, stay motivated and continue to achieve results.