8 week Fat loss by Linn 

The 8 week fat loss programme drastically reduce body fat levels whilst maintaining focus on reducing body fat levels whilst maintaining as much muscle mass as possible. Provided you  are eating less or moving more, you can drop in size by dieting or cardio along. This is not sufficient for someone looking for an improvement in their muscle-fat ratio or still keep a tight and firm look. Efficient change in body composition require a efficient resistance based and cardio based training, and a diet to help you train and recover from sessions. Usually the  body respond to extreme diet and excess cardio by slowing down metabolism and your body gets weaker, not firmer over time. 

The 8 week Fat loss Schedule

The first week starts with a measurement, weight in and initial photo of your look and repeated again every fortnight. The exercises are resistance and cardio based in the initial weeks, where you will train the full body in a giant circuit with short spurts of cardio three times per week. In the following four weeks  you will train four times per week, working two or more muscle groups at one time which means that you are working each focus muscle group even harder.

 The fatloss program comes with suitable nutritional programme.