Fit by Linn

Its determined by nature where you will first lose fat. However, by using resistance we can chose what areas we would like to improve. Usually our weaker or troublesome areas are due to lack of muscle ( or 'muscle-tone' ) and too much fat covering the area. Fat around the tummy is hard to lose with poor diet and 'wrong' type of exercise. 

Building muscle is extremely effective way for changing body shape, enhancing curves, improve posture, speed up metabolism and the rate your body burns fat at rest.  Although men generally build muscle quicker than women, our muscle still respond the same way. The main difference is that we do exercises which will target the areas we want to target. Firm and lifted glues is a result of specific training with resistance which adds curves and can make the waist look smaller for women. A V-taper wide back with broad shoulders gives an illusion of a narrow waist and typically sought after among men. This is the main difference to how men and women ought to training.  

The FIT by Linn workout schedule  

The initial week will start with a Fitness Check up to test your current fitness levels, your posture and body composition.  Next time you will take this test is in two weeks. The first month you will push and pull and there will be a lot of strengthening exercises. The workouts last for one hour or so and you will train 4 times per week.  In the second month you will notice that you are getting stronger and need to eat even more than usual.The program changes into a 5 days split training where you train upper-body or lower-body twice per week and cardio is mixed in between supersets. The last month is the most demanding where the drop sets, giant sets and cardio sessions will make you loose a significant amount of fat and reveal your newly built body. 

Every phase in the program comes with suitable diet plan